Android Decompiler

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  • 功能
    • 集成了多种工具去实现反编译apk得到java代码
  • 集成了哪些工具
    • Dex2Jar: Version
    • android-apktool: Version 1.5.2
    • JD-Core-Java: Version 1.2
    • Artistic Style (astyle): Version 2.04
  • 支持平台
    • Mac
    • Unix类系统
  • 用法
usage: [options] <APK-file>

 -o,--output <dir>    The output directory is optional. If not set the
                         default will be used which is 'output' in the 
                         root of this tool directory.
 --skipResources    Do not decompile the resource files
 --skipJava        Do not decompile the JAVA files
 -f,--format        Will format all Java files to be easier readable. 
               However, use with CAUTION! This option might change 
               line numbers!
 -p,--project        Will generate a Gradle-based Android project for you
 -h,--help        Prints this help message

 APK-file               A valid APK file is required as input

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